Charts from A Human Algorithm


A Brief History of Technology

Chapter 1 | Fire to Firewalls: A brief history of technology

A Brief History of AI

Chapter 2 | The Science of Intelligence: Algorithms, Animals, and Machines that Can Learn

Gender Makeup in Tech

Chapter 3 | The Danger of Homogeneity and the Power of Combinatorial Creativity


Human Rights Milestones

Chapter 4 | Human Rights and Robot Rights: Privacy, Autonomous Weapons, and Instilling Values in Machines

Automation Forecasts

Chapter 5 | The Pernicious Threats of Intelligent Machines

A Few Ways AI Will Improve Healthcare

Chapter 6 | The Transcendent Promise of Intelligent Machines


A Brief History of Universal Basic Income

Chapter 7 | The Economics and the Politics: Redrawing the Societal Road Map

Some Views on Consciousness

Chapter 8 | Searching for the Digital Soul

Programming Empathy Initiatives

Chapter 9 | The Adjacent Possible


AI and Storytelling

Chapter 9 | The Adjacent Possible

A Human Algorithm

Chapter 10 | A Human Algorithm


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